Toddler Craft: Peep in the Big Wide World Fan Figure

Peep Toddler Craft

We love the combination of entertainment and scientific activities  on Peep and the Big Wide World (owned by whoever owns it, no endorsement of this fan art is implied, blah-blah-blah). For some time Sagan has wanted his own Peep, so when we came across some 2-inch yellow pom-poms in the discount bin after Easter we brought them home and made ourselves a Peep.

You will need:

  • A yellow pom-pom
  • Black and red craft foam
  • Scissors and a grown-up to cut the foam
  • Double-sided tape (the kind used for wrapping paper)
  • Googly eyes (we bought a bulk pack some time ago)

Cut out a beak, two legs and the comb. They should look something like this:
Parts of Peep

Assembling your Peep:

Put the tape on the back of the eyes and cut around it or fold it over to fit. Have your youngster stick the eyes on.

Putting on Peep's Eyes

Part the fibers of the pom-pom with a thumb where the beak will go. Wrap tape around the end of the beak (double -sided tape molds around craft foam pretty easily). Have your toddler squeeze the fibers onto the beak, then repeat with the comb and legs.
Part the pom0pom fibers with your thumb.

Sit and talk about science!

Finished Peep

Note: You could probably also do this with black pipe-cleaners and red felt, but I didn’t have any.  I’m glad we used the foam in the long run because it turned out cuddly instead of pokey.