Ancient Egyptian Snake Game Coloring Sheet

Snake Game
Snake Game

Hi, there! We’ve finished studying the early farmers and Old Kingdom Egypt. For both we made barley. It turns out my rice cooker that’s terrible for rice does a great job with barley if you set it on brown rice.

We also made and played Snake. Normally it’s made on a slab of clay with pebbles or little figures of gods and goddesses for pieces, but this one is printable and colorable. Click the picture below or this link to go to Flickr and download it.  I included some animal hieroglyphs to use as pieces if you want, but we used Monopoly pieces.

Egyptian Snake Game

You can use a die, a spinner or trivia/flash cards to run along the snake’s body from the mouth to the eye. Or you can color it to match Candyland and use those cards. It’s easy to get creative. We used the “Poster” setting in our printer properties to tile it on cardstock to make a bigger board.

Have fun!


Leprechaun Trap (Also works on Never Land Fairies)

How to trap fairies and leprechauns

Leprechaun Trap

Make the Leprechaun or Fairy Trap

If you trap a leprechaun he will have to trade places magically with some of his treasure to escape. Here’s how to get some treasure from the end of the Rainbow the easy way.

It also works on Never Land fairies. They will need to trade places with treasure from Never Land to escape.

Make the Bait

1. Make the bait. Green or gold cookies usually work for leprechauns, but only in March. The rest of the year you will need pastels or purple to trap fairies.

Set the Trap

2. Get a paper cup, recycle a plastic food package or an old gift box, or make a semi-circle out of paper (shown).

3. Decorate with green and rainbows for leprechauns, flowers and rainbows for fairies. (The trap shown was decorated with crayon and stickers and turned into a cone.)

4. Hang from a cupboard handle with string.

5. Put the string across a a small plate and hold it down with cookies.

6. Wait until morning.

Grab your treasure!

7. See if you find some treasure under your trap!