Ninjago Gluestick Art

Lego Ninjago Printable Toddler Gluestick Art

From Mom: Sagan was invited to a Ninjago birthday party but the little birthday boy caught a bug and had to cancel, so we put the presents in the car for the very next time we see him and went back inside to have our own little Ninjago party with gluesticks and construction paper.

Toddler Gluestick Art: Kai

Construction Paper Kai

I drew a stencil by hand on white cardstock and cut out the pieces for him to glue together. He chose Kai on a yellow background so I traced the hands.

But before I cut my stencil out, I scanned it, because I might as well share, so here it is, slightly altered.

Generic Ninjago Stencil

Stencil for printing on cardstock


the easiest thing to do is just to print the colors and all, so I made some printable cutouts. Their eyebrows all change but they’re just wearing generic Lego Ninjago outfits.











(All you do is cut out the pieces and stick them on a background with a gluestick.)

COSAT (Alphabet) Blocks

COSAT Blocks

From Mom:

It’s a hard C and a short o and a. (That’s why it’s “cosat” and not “coats”.) These are the first five letters we’re reading because #cats. Sagan picked out the pictures to represent each sound (car, cat, octopus, snake, etc.) and the paint colors.

After I did the printout he helped with the stickers.

Leprechaun Trap (Also works on Never Land Fairies)

How to trap fairies and leprechauns

Leprechaun Trap

Make the Leprechaun or Fairy Trap

If you trap a leprechaun he will have to trade places magically with some of his treasure to escape. Here’s how to get some treasure from the end of the Rainbow the easy way.

It also works on Never Land fairies. They will need to trade places with treasure from Never Land to escape.

Make the Bait

1. Make the bait. Green or gold cookies usually work for leprechauns, but only in March. The rest of the year you will need pastels or purple to trap fairies.

Set the Trap

2. Get a paper cup, recycle a plastic food package or an old gift box, or make a semi-circle out of paper (shown).

3. Decorate with green and rainbows for leprechauns, flowers and rainbows for fairies. (The trap shown was decorated with crayon and stickers and turned into a cone.)

4. Hang from a cupboard handle with string.

5. Put the string across a a small plate and hold it down with cookies.

6. Wait until morning.

Grab your treasure!

7. See if you find some treasure under your trap!